Bring back Gmail Old compose in Chrome and Firefox

If you don’t like gmail new redesigned gmail compose box, then now you can Fix gmail compose with chrome  and Firefox old compose extension for free.

Recently gmail team launched a new Pop style compose interface,when you click on compose pop new box. It is completely new for users and removed some of the menus of compose which decrease productivity. Most user complain that Formatting mail in new gmail compose is time consuming, and take more time to create and send mail.If you hate new compose interface so much that you want old in any how old compose for chrome is solution for it.

Another Extension To Restore old gmail Compose [Gmelius].

Download old compose from Developer website. Because developer recently removed extension from chrome webstore. To download this extension you need to share about extension on facebook or Twitter.

To install old compose extension, click setting Icon, and then Tools –> extensions. Then drag and drop downloded file to extensions page,follow installation dialog to complete installation.

After installation reload Gmail and then click compose to open old compose interface.


Till now there is only this extension or trick is available for getting old compose interface for Gmail and can be possible only in chrome. Overall application is nice and does what it promises to do, but even extension is free you you need to share about extension on Facebook and twitter.Extension is not listed in chrome store, you need do download from developer website, which create another question whether extension is safe to use or not.


Now old compose works for Firefox and the Extension is now available In chrome Web store and Firefox store. As i said that extension was only available from developer website, but now it is available from chrome and Firefox store.

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