Chrome 26 beta for Android add Data Compression Proxy


The Chrome 26 beta for android add absolutely new and awesome feature that will increase your Browsing speed, cheaper mobile browsing by reducing packet data and safer browsing.

The latest chrome beta build for Android introduce a new feature namely Data Compression Proxy. As the name of feature all your HTTP traffic is routed using Google Proxy server that will compress the webpage size by reducing image and content size and then transfer you faster optimized and secure webpage to your device. This feature reduce cellular data usage which ultimately save your money and delivers you a safe and fast webpage. This is not completely new feature it is already available in Opera mobile version. 

To enable this feature ,visit chrome://flags in your browser and select “Enable Data Compression Proxy”.

Working of SPDY Feature.

chrome Data compression for faster,safer and cheaper browsing

As soon as you request for any HTTP site your request is transfer to Google SPDY proxy server,after that the Google proxy server download the whole webpage on behalf you and scan webpage for viruses and compress the image to WebP format which reduce size of JPEG and PNG image format.Put some page speed algorithms and finally delivers an optimize and faster and secure webpage to you. After all you receive an compress webpage , which  reduce data usage by 50% and save bandwidth for faster browsing.


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