Two similar and nice Vine alternative

Vine is short video sharing app for Ipad allow user to share 6 second video.The service is from social giant Twitter. It is one of the talked thing on the internet. Recently i also written article on how to share Vine video on Tumblr and embed into any blog , and how to search vine video using Google and Vine search search service Vineyard.

So you may thinking about why i am writing alternative service twitter's Vine. So here is your answer, that's because Vine is only available for Iphone users. So to use Vine you have to buy an Iphone because not every people use Iphone. Yo you are reading is correct it is only for IOS even not for most popular open source OS Android. it doesn't have Web access so you won't be able to access service from it's website.

Vine is social sharing app that is currently available for Iphone users only. So why not use similar service instead of Buying an new Iphone. The two services that i am mentioning in this post is Older than vine.


Tout is one of the good alternative for Vine video sharing service. Tout is old than Vine and you can share 15 second video. you can use service through Iphone,Android and you can create account on Tout through web interface. So no worry if you don't like to own smartphone you can use Tout through your Computer. 

Features of Tout 

  1. Share 15 second or less video.
  2. You can use Tout using Iphone and Android app.
  3. You can use service through web because you can create account on tout from it's website using Facebook,twitter and Email.
  4. You can easily share your tout on Facebook,twitter,Pinterest, and easily Tout video embed into your blog or website.
  5. Easily search interesting Tout Video and Touters by using category.
  6. It has  featured category which show you Tout featured Tout videos.
  7. It has Today's featured category to search today's video.
  8. It allow you retout video.

2 Viddy

Viddy is similar to Tout they also allow you share 15 second or less video. Viddy is also available for iphone and Android users. You can use this service from it's website. So you can use it from your computer or any device with internet access. 

Features of Tout

  1. Share 15 second or less video.
  2. App is available for Iphone and Android users.
  3. Service can be used from web i.e use it from internet enabled device.
  4. Allow you share video on Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and Google + .
  5. You can embed video on your blog it provide embed code.
  6. you can easily search interesting video.