How to share Vine videos on Tumblr and embed into your blog.

Vine is twitter product that let you share short 6 second videos and it is getting to popular among users. Vine is now available only for IOS (iphone) users only so it has no web interface. It also not have app for Android and Windows phone.

Os service is getting more popular and you want some popular vine video to your Tumblr blog or any other blog. Previously there was no way to share the 6 second video to Tumblr, but now there is tool that help you share your Favorite video to your Tumblr blog.

Vineit is new tool that help you share vine short video to your Tumblr blog or on any other blog. The tool provide you embed code using which ou can embed vine video to your Blogger blog,Wordpress blog or any website.

Vineit is vary simple to use visit to Vineit Homepage. Then Drag and Drop Vineit Bookmark to your Browser bookmark.

Vineit Bookmark after drag and drop on Bookmarkbar.

Now when you see any open Vine video simply click on Vineit bookmark. once you click on Bookmark then hover your mouse over video and then you can see two  button
1. Share on Tumblr: Click this button to share video on Tumblr blog
2.Get code Button to generate embed code to embed into your Blog other that Tumblr.

After you click on Share on Tumblr option it will simply share your video to Tumblr Blog. And if you want to embed video on Wordpress or Blogger blog or any blog click on Get embed code option. Once you click the Get embed code button it will generate embed code copy and paste it to your Blog.

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