BitDefender Internet Security 2013 Review and Giveaway.


Bitdefender is one of the leading names in the security business and Internet Security 2013 is one of the best product, that combines features of Firewall ,Antivirus and Parental control. After the launch of the Windows 8 there are less compatible windows 8 antivirus program but BitDefender Internet Security 2013 is completely compatible with Windows 8. It is the Number 1 Security suite according Top Ten reviews. It just not a security suite it also contain Tune Up Module that optimizes you PC performance and it provide parental control feature, Safety for Social network both Facebook and Twitter from Spam links.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2013 Main UI

BitDefender makes it's security easy to use for the user and access all features from Main UI. You can see Event notification on the top of the suite and access all setting of Internet security from Main UI. You can access all features of Antivirus,Privacy,Firewall,Tune UP etc from the Main UI. All the Issues and warning can be seen from the Main UI.

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BitDefender Internet Security 2013 Main UI in Windows 8

Since It is fully supported in Windows 8 it has modern Windows 8 UI look. It gives feel of Windows 8 Metro app tile. But it is quite similar to the other look you an access all features and setting from the Main GUI.

BitDefender Internet Security 2013 Security Widgets 

The Security Widget shows the current status of your PC and Antivirus. It shows the Scanning progress and Real Time scan can be seen on the Security widget. it also shows notifications of update , antivirus events ,Firewall events and all notification by security suite. It is also supported in windows XP.

BitDefender Internet Security 2013 Dashboard

The Dashboard includes the Product registration option and Product Update. it also contain Remote Management Options like Safebox,Anti Theft,Parental Control, Safego for Facebook and Twitter.

Parental Control : This feature help you monitor your child activity remotely and Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access and assign logon time on computer.

Anti-Theft : It help you track your device location on Map once your device is lost or stolen.

Safego For Facebook and Twitter : It will scan new links in your social networking account and e-threats make your account safe.

SafeBox : Safebox is the online secure storage where you can put all your important file and folder in encrypted form.

BitDefender Safepay 

BitDefender Safepay is browser specially made for online Bank Transaction or where you are filling you Credit card Information. It also have Virtual keyboard which will secure you from keylogger to monitor your keyboard stroke and record your Password and credit information.

Autopilot Mode : If you put your antivirus in autopilot mode it will make optimum security level decisions without user input. This makes pop free and let you run your Fullscreen applications on it own.

Conclusion : BitDefender Internet Security 2013 is complete security suite and have maximum security for your device. Protect you from online threats keeping you socail account,credit information safe from Hackers. It is a full featured and complete security suite install it and be protected.

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