How to access files and folders in computer remotely using

Access all your files,folders and Local disk of your computer using even without uploading them on SkyDrive Folder or without Syn files with Skydrive. 

Skydrive have Fetch feature using which you can access your Computer Files,folder and Local drive from anywhere. If you forgot put something on Skydrive folder and not synced with Skydrive, you can still access all files in computer from anywhere using To Browse files of your computer you need to use Skydrive desktop application and enable feature "Fetch as files from anywhere" in your Desktop application of Skydrive. This feature may be On if you are using Skydrive desktop application with default options. You can fetch your computer files from anywhere with this feature and upload it to Skydrive and you can edit it online and download anywhere. This feature can be helpful if you forgot to take your important file or upload it online then also you can access it from office computer just by going to, But it need your Home computer to be Turned On.

Enabling Fetch feature of Skydrive

To use Skydrive feature you need to use Skydrive Desktop Application to be installed in your computer. If you are not using Desktop application in your computer Download and install it in your computer. During installation of Skydrive desktop application check option "Let me use Skydrive to fetch any of my files on this feature" This will enable Fetch feature of Skydrive.

If you already using Skydrive Desktop application in your Computer the feature might be Turn on by default. To check right click on Skydrive Icon in the Taskbar and click Setting to check and turn on Fetch feature.

Clicking on Setting open new window and then check option  "Let me use Skydrive to fetch any of my files on this feature"  and press Ok to turn on fetch Feature.

Access Computer Files from

Now to fetch files from your computer Go To Skydrive now in PCs tab of skydrive you can see the name your computer. Now click on your Computer name to access your computer files.

Now Skydrive you require one more step to fetch your computer files. To fetch files it require security check where you have to provide security code to access your computer files. This extra step provide security from unauthorized access to your computer. It is like Two Step Verification. Now click option Sign in with a security code option. After that skydrive send you a email to your secondary mail with security code in Mail.

Now enter Security code you got from Microsoft on your secondary email address and press Submit button to complete authorization.

After security check Skydrive fetch all your computer files,folder,Local disk,DVD-RW and Removable USB files.

Now you can access all files select any file and right click on file and click Download to Download file on computer from where you are fetching files. And you can upload file to skydrive for later access and editing.