How To Backup Whatsapp Messages with Google Drive.

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Whatsapp is one of the biggest player in Messengers market. Whatsapp is most used messenger app worldwide. My many friends asked me that "can i backup whatsapp messages", I simply answer them yes. You can backup whatsapp messages. On the latest version of Whatsapp You can easily backup whatsapp conversations with Google Drive. Google Drive is a online file storage service which is provide by Google. If you have a Google account you can easily backup and restore whatsapp messages whenever you want.
This option to backup whatsapp messages is added recently in a new whatsapp version which is 2.12.45. Earlier there was only one option to back up your Whatsapp messages through which WhatsApp automatically performs backup at 4 AM to your Internal/SD card.

Rank Your Image For Your Name in Google.

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I think many people want to rank their images in Google search result for there name. It feels awesome when you search your name on Google and get your pic there. It is a good way to do show off in your friend circle. As I am a blogger, so my pic rank for my name naturally because my image is available on many internet sites and my own blog. My many friends asked me that how you ranked your pic?  So I decided to write this post for all my friend and blog readers. In the below pic you can see my 2 pics (2nd and 3rd pic) is ranking without any efforts.

Note:If you are sharing a name with a famous personality, then it will be very tough for you to rank your pic in Google searches. Because the whole internet is filled up with his pic for that name.So, If you are sharing a name with a famous personality and want to rank your image then you should contact SEO Expert.

How To Redirect Specific Page/Post In Blogger.

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Blogger is one of the best Web 2.0 site for creating blogs. It is the best free Web 2.0 site. But it sucks in some feature like plugins, template, widget, etc. Blogger don't give full access to your blog. This is the reason why Pro Bloggers and other people moves to WordPress. This is the reason why people think that blogger is a fool and makes a meme like this.
In blogger, you cannot redirect specific page or post to an external domain till now. I have seen many bloggers for searching for this. After a few minutes of work I have made 3 simple lines of code that can help you in this case. I used simple meta tag redirection for it.

Run Android Apps In Chrome browser on Any Desktop.

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Android has the widest range of apps, many of them are so useful and we are addicted with some apps. We always want our apps near by to us, this is the reason we try to run our android apps on our desktop. There are some ways to use android apps on our desktop, we can use Bluestack, Android SDK, and some non official android simulator. There are many problems with these methods sometimes Buestack and android simulator crashes and some time it may be so frustrating.

Some days ago, Google officially announced that now you can run android apps on Chrome OS. Google introduced App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) to run android apps in Chrome OS. But the apps that can run in Chrome OS were limited. Vladikoff a developer created ARChon Custom Runtime to run android apps on the Chrome browser. He not only made ARC for Windows, OS X and Linux,but also removed the limitation of  the apps.

Best YouTube Playlist Downloader and Converter.

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If you want to download YouTube playlist in mp3 format, then it could be a little bit tough. Because there are many sites on which are unable to convert all of your songs. If you want to convert videos to 3gp or in any other format the it become tougher. After trying some online sites and softwares I found the best YouTube Playlist Downloader which is 4K Downloader. 4K Downloader is not free, but you can download the playlist containing 25 songs.
Features of 4k Downloader.
The user interface of 4k Downloader is so easy and simple to understand. Anyone can use it simply. What you have to do is just on the software and paste the URL of the playlist. After that select the format in which you want to download the video. Now you have done your work, let the software do its work and enjoy.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Able to convert videos to all major formats.
  • Fast
  • It is able to download almost all video of playlist.
  • Can download and convert videos from Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, etc..
This is the reason why I call it as best YouTube playlist Downloader and converter.