Now You can run Android Apps In Chrome browser on Any Desktop.

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Android has the widest range of apps, many of them are so useful and we are addicted with some apps. We always want our apps near by to us, this is the reason we try to run our android apps on our desktop. There are some ways to use android apps on our desktop, we can use Bluestack, Android SDK, and some non official android simulator. There are many problems with these methods sometimes Buestack and android simulator crashes and some time it may be so frustrating.

Some days ago, Google officially announced that now you can run android apps on Chrome OS. Google introduced App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) to run android apps in Chrome OS. But the apps that can run in Chrome OS were limited. Vladikoff a developer created ARChon Custom Runtime to run android apps on the Chrome browser. He not only made ARC for Windows, OS X and Linux,but also removed the limitation of  the apps.

Best YouTube Playlist Downloader and Converter.

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If you want to download YouTube playlist in mp3 format, then it could be a little bit tough. Because there are many sites on which are unable to convert all of your songs. If you want to convert videos to 3gp or in any other format the it become tougher. After trying some online sites and softwares I found the best YouTube Playlist Downloader which is 4K Downloader. 4K Downloader is not free, but you can download the playlist containing 25 songs.

Features of 4k Downloader.

The user interface of 4k Downloader is so easy and simple to understand. Anyone can use it simply. What you have to do is just on the software and paste the URL of the playlist. After that select the format in which you want to download the video. Now you have done your work, let the software do its work and enjoy.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Able to convert videos to all major formats.
  • Fast
  • It is able to download almost all video of playlist.
  • Can download and convert videos from Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, etc..
This is the reason why I call it as best YouTube playlist Downloader and converter.

Be Smart and Stop Installing Toolbars in Your Browser.

Toolbars are so useful thing in browser. It helps you to search and reach to your favourite place more faster and easier. Does your chrome, mozilla (Browsers) are filled with too much spam toolbars which you don't install. If you are new with PC and you are trying new things i am so sure that you are also facing this problem.

When you install any software from the internet it asks you to install toolbar but you only press "Next" button without reading the message on the screen. This thing lead you to full browser with useless toolbars. Some of them are too tough to remove. Sometimes the software actually install another software  in your system, this is the reason when your remove the they come back and this situation is very frustrating.
The other software do not contain words like toolbar, extension so you have to do alot of work to find the software in Control Panel.

[Recordit] Screen Capture Gif Support For Windows and Mac

Recordit is free screen capture software with Gif image format support.It will quickly capture your screen and upload it to Recordit website and allow you generate and Download Gif image of your screen capture.

Writing how to guide on your blog about any software or how to guide adding Video screen capture makes you post more informative. Adding Video screenshot help your visitors easily understand about your post and it speak more than your words.

Today Gif images become more popular because of lesser size of images as compare to Video. You can easily add images to your blog post, for videos you need to upload on another video sharing site and then embed to your blog. So Gif provide same benefit and you can easily share it on Internet with small size makes sharing easy.

Download program from Recordit website and it is vary small in size ,easy to install with few clicks. After install you can see small icon in windows tray which you can use set preference and Record screen.

Click on Recordit icon on system tray and select Record area on your desktop and then click over Record Icon. After that perform whatever want to do on your Desktop, it will capture your action. After that click again on System tray Icon of Recordit it will start uploading capture to Recordit website.

After Upload you will get link for your screenshot and option to convert your Video to Gif image which you can Download and Use.

Here is my screen capture link and converted Gif image below and link for same capture Gif format.

Recordit is initial stage and require more development and feature. i am missing feature like shortcut key to Start and stop screen capture and option to save screen capture to your local storage before uploading to site.

Control Chrome with Your Voice by Using Handsfreechrome.

Google Now and Microsoft Cortana is the most famous voice command system for mobile and tablets. Voice recognition is awesome and cool feature. It feels very awesome to control your device with voice command. Many of us spend a lot of time on internet. Chrome is the best browser and most used browser. Handsfreechrome is an awesome and small chrome extension which will help you to control your browser with your voice.

Handsfreechrome for chrome able to scroll around , click things, navigate on web page, inter text into form, go back to history, open and close new tab, open any site , refresh page, Zoom in and Zoom out and many other things just on your voice commands. I used this extension for 40 minutes and i found this extension very useful and cool.