4K Downloader: Download Youtube Video HD For Free

Many time it happens that you like Youtube video that you want save in your local computer. There are many online service that allow you to download and convert Youtube video to support your device. But they don't provide option to download video in HD format.

4K Downloader is ultimate free Youtube Downloader bundled with features.It allow you Download Youtube videos  from lower quality to HD quality and download youtube playlist along with caption. 4K Downloader is supported for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu a cross platform application.

Download 4K Downloader for free from there official site and install in you system.Now copy URL of youtube video you want to Download and start 4K Downloder interface and click Paste URL button. It will fetch information about video and give various option to Download video.

Download Youtube Video HD 

  1. Choose Video Quality : Using 4K downloader you can select video quality from lowest possible quality for youtube videos to 1080p videos.Select quality according to your choice and you can start with downloading.
  2. Extract Audio from Video : You can extract only Audio from video like you can download mp3 format of Video for listening songs.
  3. Select file Format for Audio and Video : You can select file format for Video as well as Audio. Like for Videos you can have MP4,FLV,3GP, and MKV and for Audio MP3,M4A,OGG.
  4. Download Youtube Captions : While downloading video you can select Download Subtitles option to Download Youtube video caption into SRT file.

Download Youtube Playlist 

To download Youtube Playlist grab URL of Youtube Playlist  and do same step what you will do to download single video. Software will grab all video list in playlist and you can download all videos in playlist in audio and video format.

4K Downloader also support Downloading all videos from particular Youtube channel but it require paid version of it do so. Playlist downloader feature for free version of application only all you to download playlist containing 25 or less videos. If playlist has more than 25 and you want to continue than you need paid version.

It as more feature like you can enable smart mode to save time while keep selecting same option for all of your videos.All in all 4K Downloader have all feature that is required for a video Downloader as well it provide most basic and most required feature for Free.

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How To Speed Up Internet Browsing On Google Chrome for Android

Browser for Android got replaced by Chrome, and it is heavier than browser and it can be vary slow and unresponsive while loading a webpage or scrolling. While scrolling you can feel vary high frame rate and slow down scrolling because of high memory usage.

In this tutorial,you will know some of the Hidden chrome flags that will speed up internet browsing and speed chrome browser which will smooth up scrolling and remove frame drops.

Maximum tiles for interest area

Change Maximum tiles for interest area chrome flag value from default to 256 or 512. If your device have less RAM then first change value from default to 256 and check if you see improvement in speed. If your device have RAM 1gb or above then change value to 512.

Paste this URL chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area into your chrome and change value and Relunch chrome to apply changes.

This is hidden flag in chrome which support Android,Windows,Chrome OS, Mac and IOS. When this flag is set to default chrome uses around 128mb of RAM which slow down chrome as it require more RAM when you change value to 256 or 512 you are giving it more RAM. which will speed up chrome and decrease frame rate and smooth up scrolling increase responsiveness.

Make pages load Faster 

Chrome has Data compression feature that will relatively speed of page loading and reduce your mobile data usage.The latest chrome for Android and IOS have this feature that reduces Data usage and make load pages faster. When you enable this feature all you HTTP traffic forwarded from Google Data compression proxy servers. That compress pages and remove unwanted thing and convert images to webp format (which decreases images size.

To enable this feature go to Settings>Bandwidth Management and check Reduce Data usage. Now all your Http traffic except HTTPS go so Google spdy proxy server.

Enable Offline Mode

When you enable this chrome flag it will store the cached version of webpages into local storage.When you send the request to webpage you already visited chrome try to complete request from cached local storage which make webpages load faster in chrome.

Go to chrome://flags/ and search for Enable Offline Cache Mode and click enable link and then Relunch chrome to apply changes.

Enable Offline Cache Mode Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
Reads from web resources when the source is unavailable will be satisfied from available stale cache entries. #enable-offline-mode 

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Best of DuckDuckGo Goodies for Bloggers

DuckDuckGo search engine that Doesn't track it's user like other search engines do for Users information. So that they can show targeted ads according to your interest. DuckDuckGo also provide instant answer to Users queries on top of the page, It is called Goodies. 

There are lots of DuckDuckGo Goodies which can give you quick answers to your question. Here i am listing some of them that can be useful for Bloggers.


Expand shortened URL

In Internet world, i think every blogger come across with Shortened URL. There are many URL Shortener service online this type of urls are vary use full for social networking service. But short urls redirect users to some other website. It can redirect user to some spam website or used by Hackers to Hack you. So if you want see Long url of website behind short URL. 

Just paste short url in DuckDuckGo Search Box Press Enter To see Long URL.


Quickly Generate a QR code

Today QR codes are easier way to distribute information to mobile users. You can create qr-codes for websites link, email address or your contact information in qr code. Mobile users can scan qr-code and get link to your company website or blog url.

To Generate qr-code type qrcode with information you want to add and then press Enter to generate. 

For Example :   qrcode http://ddg.gg/


Shows a website's status

If you are blogger and have multiple blog, so it is vary important to know status of your blog. Is it UP or having any problem. You can check your blog status  in our mobile using DuckDuckGo search while your not at Home. 

 To check your blog or website status Ex  "is techofy.org up?" in search and see you website Ping rate and Http response code with ip of you website.


Find Hosting and Domain coupons

You can easily find web Hosting providers coupons list from various Hosting service in DuckDuckGo search. similarly domain names discount coupons as well. Below two queries to find Domain and Hosting provider Discount coupons.

  1. web hosting coupons
  2. Domain coupons

Generate placeholder text

If you want Randomly Generated text to place on your new blog test page or under development website. You can do this with DuckDuckGo search.

Ex : lorem ipsum


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How to View Youtube Age Restricted Videos Without Signing In

If you come across when some Youtube videos require you to Signing with Google account to verify your Age. Youtube videos that contains explicit content that is Not Safe for age below 18 for any reason require signing in to verify user age.

So if you want to Bypass Youtube Age restriction without Signing into Google account then there is small trick that will Bypass verification process without Signing in. Reason to Bypass verification process can be many so let not discuss it and move to trick.

TIP : 4K Downloader: Download Youtube Video HD For Free


For Example URL of this Youtube video that require age verification because video contains scenes that is not child safe.


So to Bypass age verification process do some changes to above URL and make it look like below URL and then load video with new URL.


Exact changes need to be done to stop age verification, Remove watch? and replace = with /  

This newly created URL will redirect you to new URL (https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/6LZM3_wp2ps)  and start your Youtube video with resized Youtube video player that will fill whole page space.


Bonus Tip 

There is also Bookmark available that you keep in your browser Bookmark bar and click on it whenever you come in similar situation. This will make your task lot easier and Handy to perform.

Just Drag and Drop below Bookmark to your Browser.

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How to Host Files and Images on Google Drive

If you want distribute file and images on your website or in forum but don't have way to Host you files. You can easily Host your Files and Images on Google Drive and have an Public URL that you can easily give to some on or use in your website for Direct Download to your Users.

If your blog is Blogger powered, then it is vary common issue because Blogger won't provide File Hosting. So if you want to Host files for your Blog visitor then you have to use online storage and then provide link to your Users.

Not only you can have this feature on Google Drive, similar feature is also available on Popular online storage service like Dropbox even Skydrive (Onedrive) provide embed code to embed images on Skydrive to your Blog and website.

Follow Below Instruction to Get Hostable URL for you Images and Files.

  • Create Folder in your Google Drive account ( this is necessary step so don't skip it).

  • Then configure change sharing setting for new Folder to "Public on Web". To share Folder to Public, Right Click on Folder and then Go to Share and then Click on Share option.

  • After that click Change Link it will prompt new Window.

  • After above step select Public On the Web option and then click Save Button.

  • Now Upload anything that you want share on Public in this Folder and Right Click over any file you have uploaded in this folder and Click Details and activity option.

  • It will open Right Panel that contain all detail about file and scroll to bottom of the panel, it contain public URL for selected file.

Similarly you can upload any file into this folder and have Hosting URL for your file. If file extension is ZIP, RAR or Word Doc that don't have preview option in Google Drive, file will start Downloading. 
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